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What happens if you die without a will?
Posted By: neil

Die without a will and you leave everything to chance.  The law decides who gets what, not you.  Despite this, it’s thought that well over half of UK adults don’t have a valid up to date will.

Here, Louise Harris explains what happens if you die without having made a will (‘intestate’).


Letter of wishes – what are they?
Posted By: neil

Traditionally, wills have covered everything relating to our death from who gets what, to music to be played at our funeral.  There is however a school of thought that wills should only ever deal with things that are matters of law, and that any wishes or guidance that we want to leave behind, should be dealt with separately. 

Here, Louise Harris explores further what ‘letters of wishes’ can cover, and how they can provide help and guidance for the loved ones we leave behind.


Why haven’t you made a will? Please tell us!
Posted By: neil

Over half of the adult population don’t have a will.  Are you one of those people?

Melanie explained in her blog last week the importance of wills -  http://qlaw.co.uk/blog/?p=258

If you’re one of these people that doesn’t have a will, please ‘comment’ and tell us why!  We’d love to know why!

 If you’d like to speak to me (Louise Harris) you can email me at lh@Qlaw.co.uk or call 01737 233555.  Thanks!

Got a will? You should have…
Posted By: neil

Melanie Wrightson (family lawyer) explains why it is so important that you have an up to date will.

If you die without a will the law decides your final wishes, not you.  Making a will puts you in charge and allows you to decide what happens to your property when you die. (more…)

A guide to bereavement
Posted By: neil

Losing a loved one is something none of us find easy to face.  Here is a practical guide to the things to be dealt with when we do lose someone close to us.


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