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What’s the difference between EPAs and LPAs?
Posted By: neil

Wills and probate solicitor Louise Harris explains the differences between an enduring power of attorney (EPA), and the new lasting power of attorney (LPA).

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney allows someone appointed by you to look after things on your behalf should you become unwilling or unable to do so yourself.

Powers of attorney are often (and incorrectly) associated with the elderly.  But, we should all have a power of attorney, just in case the unexpected were to happen (eg we became ill).


Power of Attorney – a simple guide
Posted By: neil

Most people know they should have a will – whether they have one or not!  But, what about a power of attorney?  Here, Louise Harris gives a simple guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), and explains why it’s every bit as important to have an LPA, as it is to have a will.  


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