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family law
family law

Unfortunately, family life isn’t always a beach. If things go wrong, Quanticks can help.

Why choose us to represent you through a divorce, resolve the financial arrangements, or issues relating to contact with children?

Well, like all of our solicitors, our family lawyers are specialists.  They deal with family law day in day out.  And, like all of our lawyers, our divorce and family solicitors are trained to look after you the Quanticks way. So, all of the simple stuff that so many solicitors miss is all part of the service with us:- things dealt with same day (no delays); a plain English house style so you understand what's happening; and a ground breaking paperless way of working that means we can look after things quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively for you.  If you need a family solicitor you need someone you can rely on, an expert in their field, and someone you can depend on to be there with you through what may be difficult times.

Making the first call to come and speak to a divorce lawyer is often the most difficult bit. Don’t be concerned. Call us!  We offer a no obligation free initial meeting.  We can help with all aspects of the law that effect family life including: pre-nuptial/civil partnership agreements; separation agreements; divorce; financial disputes on separation; domestic violence; arrangements for your children; emergency court applications

Call Nicola Gibbs or Kimberley Catuk today on 03300 020365, or email them at ng@Qlaw.co.uk or kc@Qlaw.co.uk.

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