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We speak your language

In our view, it’s not what we do, but the way we do it that makes us stand out from the crowd. Our focus is on one thing – you! We speak your language. It’s the simple things that count – telephone calls returned promptly, documents and emails that are written in plain English, and, with offices in Reigate, Dorking & Caterham we’re  always on hand if you drop in to see us.  Dare we say it, we’re even friendly too!

We do things the way you want

What makes our service great is our culture. For generations, solicitors have done things their way – whether their customers liked it or not. It’s something that’s embedded in large pockets of the profession. We’re different. In fact, we’re the exact opposite! Everything about the way we work is geared to see things from your perspective. It’s geared to make sure we do things the way you want, not us!

Our industry leading paperless office

We’ve invested time and money in the very latest technology and systems – tools that allow us to provide you with a first class service.  We never do something because it’s the way it’s always been done.  That commitment perhaps best evidenced by our industry leading paperless office.  We work entirely with IT, and there’s not a single sheet of paper to be seen!  It allows us to work in an exceptionally efficient, and cost effective way.  That’s great for our clients, and even means we can be very competitive with our fees too!

A thought from our MD

Neil (head of our wills trust and probate team, and MD) says:

“I love being a solicitor. You see, if you need a solicitor, the chances are there’s something very significant happening in your life. You might be moving home? Involved in an employment dispute? Or, perhaps you’ve lost a loved one? These are all significant life events.”

“Helping people through their significant life events is the most amazing privilege. We never lose sight of that at Quanticks”

“You’ll find lots of solicitors’ websites crammed full of strap lines, and marketing sound bites that often mean absolutely nothing to that law firm, or their clients. We’re different. We don’t waste our time with marketing spin. Instead, we invest time and money on the important bit – getting our service right for you!”


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