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A graduate of both law and marketing, Neil is a career-long advocate of transparency in legal services, a drum he has banged as a contributor to various legal publications. (NB – our articles and any comments do not represent legal advice and should not be taken as such. If you require legal advice about your particular case, please make contact with us).

Probate – What is a Digital Will?

Probate – What is a Digital Will? A digital will is a relatively new concept to describe how we might deal with our online footprint.  A digital will is a cross between a ‘letter of wishes’, and an inventory to help our loved ones/personal representatives deal with our online footprint in [...]

2024-01-11T12:07:15+00:0011 January|Probate, Probate General|

Probate – What is our Digital Estate?

Probate – What is our Digital Estate? Our ever-increasing reliance on the internet has created a whole new element to ‘probate’.  Our digital estate is the ‘online footprint’ that we leave when we die.  It is those accounts, profiles, and platforms where we viewed, held and gathered information, and where we [...]

2024-01-11T12:08:05+00:0011 January|Probate, Probate General|
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