Conveyancing Fees Calculator

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Conveyancing fees

Get an instant conveyancing quote with a full breakdown of everything!

Conveyancing is the legal process for the transfer of land from one owner to another!  Simple right?!  Well, if you’ve ever moved before you will know that that (seemingly) simple process can be very frustrating.  So, make sure that you choose the best conveyancing solicitor, and you know exactly what the conveyancing fees will be.

What should a conveyancing quote include?

Your conveyancer should provide a full breakdown of all of the costs.  Broadly, they will be split into two bits:-

  1. Professional fees – the fee charged by your solicitor for doing the conveyancing work
  2. Disbursements – payments to third parties on your behalf

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How are conveyancing fees calculated?

Conveyancing fees are calculated by clicking one button!  Don’t leave it to guesswork, see exactly what buying or selling your house will cost!

What are conveyancing disbursements?

You can expect to have to make various payments to third parties, that your conveyancing solicitor will pay on your behalf.  The disbursements will differ depending on whether you are buying a house or selling a house.  Those disbursements might include:-

  • Search fees – local search; water & drainage search; environmental search
  • Land Registry fees
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Fixed fee conveyancing

We can provide you with a fixed fee quote listing both our conveyancing professional service fees, and all disbursement costs.

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Are all conveyancing fee calculations the same?

No!  When you compare conveyancing fees, do make sure that you check the small print.  Some conveyancers will give a low headline figure that suggests it is cheap conveyancing.  However, when you check more closely there are things lost in the small print!  So, check like for like, and critically, check the total price of one conveyancing quote and the next.

When comparing conveyancing quotes check the small print and compare like with like…

What does a Conveyancing Solicitor do?

A conveyancing solicitor will handle all of the legal part of your move (whether you are buying or selling a house).   This conveyancing process will include:-

  1. CONTRACT PACK – this includes the contract of sale, and various sellers info forms
  2. SEARCHES – these will include a local search; enviro search; and water & drainage
  3. MORTGAGE – your solicitor will prepare a mortgage report
  4. PRE-CONTRACT-ENQUIRIES – the final step before exchange of contracts
  5. EXCHANGE CONTRACTS – the point at which everyone is finally bound in law to the contract
  6. COMPLETION – the day of the big move

After completion your solicitor will register you as the owner, and lodge any mortgage with the Land Registry if you have taken a mortgage.

If you are buying jointly with someone else, your conveyancing solicitor will advise you on the differences between a joint tenancy and tenancy in common.

Conveyancing Fee Calculator

Does my conveyancing solicitor arrange my survey?

No!  This is for you to deal with.  There are various types of survey to choose from.

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What is a solicitors mortgage report?

As with your survey, it is for you to arrange your mortgage.  However, your solicitor will provide you with a mortgage report summarising the broad legal terms of your mortgage.  They will NOT be advising you in any way on the suitabililty of your chosen mortgage for your particular financial situation.

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Why choose QLAW as my Conveyancing Solicitor?

We think there are lots of reasons!  But here’s just a few reasons why:-

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