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Solicitor near me

Does a conveyancing ‘solicitor near me’ give you the convenience you really want…?

We get it, there remains a sense for some that a ‘conveyancing solicitor near to me’ might just give us the convenience we want when we are looking for a property solicitor to use when buying a house.  But why?  What does your conveyancer need to do for you that means that must be local?  And what might a local conveyancing solicitor do better than an online conveyancing solicitor?  Is the real question about ‘convenience’, rather than geography when choosing the best conveyancer for you? Let’s take a look!

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process by which land is transferred from one owner to another.

Do I need a local Conveyancer?

There is nothing about the conveyancing process that needs you to be physically close to your chosen property solicitor.  In fact, choose a solicitors firm geared up to provide digital legal services and the chances are they will be much better placed to give you a service much more streamlined, accessible, and convenient than a solicitor that perhaps still relies on clients being nearby?

What does a conveyancer do?

Your conveyancer will deal with all of the legal side to your move, including:-

  • Contract Pack – including the seller’s property information forms and the contract for sale
  • Searches – these will include local, environmental, and water & drainage searches
  • Pre contract enquiries – the final stage of conveyancing before exchange of contracts
  • Exchange of contracts – the point at which all parties become legally bound
  • Completion – the day of your big move
  • Mortgage – liaise with your lender to draw down your completion money

Is it better to use a local conveyancer?

Well, perhaps the bigger question is why would you need to?  Embracing the digital age is something that many solicitors struggle with. QLAW has blazed a trail with the use of the best technology since we were one of the very first paperless law firms back in 2008!!

Since then, we have been consulted by countless law firms, and even government agencies on how to make the digital office a success.  We’re leaders in our field (if we do say so ourselves)!  And the point is not to toot our horn, but more to make the point that you really should NOT need a solicitor to be local to you. But, many local solicitors will need you to be local (if that makes sense)!

So for example, our entire ‘onboarding’ process is digital (see below).  You may well find that your average small ‘local’ solicitors practice need you nearby as they just don’t have the systems to allow a fully digital experience.  And that’s where we say when you are choosing a property solicitor to work with when moving home, you should think about convenience – NOT geography.  In the modern world, they are two very different things!

Get a Conveyancing Quote

So the digital conveyancing experience starts with QLAW the moment you get a quote.  Talk to one of the team, OR if you would rather get an instant FREE conveyancing quote with a full breakdown of everything that should be included in your conveyancing fees.  Our conveyancing fee calculator will give you a full breakdown of everything to the final penny!

Why does my Solicitor need ID?

Money laundering regulations require all solicitors to have up to date ID proving that you are who you say you are.  For most, this is still a painful process of either taking time out to go to the solicitors’ office (with your ID), or taking it to another firm to get certified copies to then send to your chosen solicitor.

Digital Biometric ID at QLAW!

Not at QLAW!  As with all of our onboarding processes, your experience is fully digital.  We use the latest biometric ID technology meaning you do everything from your mobile phone!  No taking time off work.  No going to our offices – just a quick process that takes minutes.  And that’s before we even get started….!

Sellers Property Information forms

Next, if you are selling your house, your conveyancer will need you to complete various property information forms which will become part of the contract pack.

With QLAW, these forms aren’t just Word docs that you will have to print off, complete, scan, etc etc.  They are a fully digitised process where you are led question by question through the forms.  They won’t save until you’ve completed them, and you don’t even have to send them to us – our digital office means that they are instantly held in your conveyancing file, and the team get a notification that you have completed them!

Our client APP means you have 24/7 access to your conveyancing – not 9-5, Mon-Fri…!

24/7 Access to your conveyancing file

So you’ve chosen a local conveyancing solicitor.  They’re open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.  And, the only way to talk to them is by phone or going to their offices.  Pretty limited right?  And, perhaps not that convenient at all!

Contrast that with QLAW.  Our client APP means you have 24/7 access to your file.  See real time what is happening.  You get to see what we do!  Just as it should be.  And, we even have inbuilt WhatsApp style secure messaging within the APP so you don’t have to faff around with email – it is all there in one place!

Regular updates.  Messaging.  Digital onboarding – and all in one place.  We’re not local – we’re much better than that!  We’re only ever a click away from you knowing everything that is going on.  Take emails – even if your local conveyancer emails you with an update it is so disjointed and only ever deals with that one issue.  It is likely using a sat nav that only ever gives your current location!  You want context – where have you been and where are you going?  Conveyancing is just like that, and our client APP will give you that context in one easy to understand place.

What is a Lender Panel?

If you are taking a mortgage, your solicitor or conveyancer will need to be on our chosen mortgage lender’s approved panel.  At QLAW we are on the approved lists for all major lenders.  Your local solicitor may not be.  Do check this out as part of the process of you choosing the best conveyancer for you.

How do I choose the best conveyancing solicitor?

Well, that’s your call.  And aside from the above, ask yourself this when you are choosing the best conveyancer to deal with your house purchase (or sale) think about:-

  • CONVEYANCING FEE CALCULATOR – can you get an instant FREE breakdown of what is included in conveyancing fees?
  • SOLICITOR REVIEWS – check out our TrustPilot solicitor reviews
  • CQS – does your chosen conveyancer have membership to the Law Society CQS scheme?
  • SRA – does your chosen property lawyer give you the protection of Solicitors Regulation Authority protection?
  • LEGAL OMBUDSMAN – do you have the comfort of knowing you can refer any concerns to the Legal Ombudsman if things don’t go to plan?

Cheap Conveyancing?

And perhaps finally, we will invariably think about price when deciding on our conveyancing solicitor right?  Isn’t the conveyancing process what it is and every conveyancer will give the same level of service however much their conveyancing fees are?

Well no!  There is definitely an argument that you get what you pay for with legal services.  Our slick IT systems at QLAW mean we can offer first class services at really competitive rates.  And, we know that we are very competitively priced.  So when you are choosing the solicitor to deal with your house move, compare like for like.  And, ask yourself, do you want cheap conveyancing or great value for money?  Do you want limited access to your local solicitor or 24/7 access to QLAW.  Moving home is stressful enough, being kept in the dark by your own solicitor makes it much much worse!

We would say so, but choose QLAW – the conveyancing solicitor to me, near to you, near to us all…..

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