First Time Buyer – Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

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Choosing the right solicitor is key for anyone heading out on the conveyancing journey!

So, you’ve found your dream home.  You’ve had your offer accepted.  You have some key professionals to appoint to help you through all of this.  You will need a surveyor (to help you understand what you are buying).  You will need a lender (assuming you are taking a mortgage).  And, to help you through the whole legal process (which will brush alongside your survey and mortgage) you need a solicitor!

Yes, all conveyancing solicitors can do the conveyancing for you.  BUT, all chefs can bake a cake.  Question is, how will they bake it, and will it be to your liking.  Here, we take a look at some top tips to have in mind when you are choosing the expert conveyancing solicitor to look after the purchase of your first new home.

What will my Conveyancing Solicitor be doing for me?

Your conveyancing solicitor will not be the only professional you are dealing with as a first time buyer.  You will also be dealing with a surveyor, an estate agent, and a lender.  But, your solicitor is there by your side all the way once the conveyancing legal process starts – so choose well!  They will be looking after the whole legal process including:-

  • Contract Pack
  • Searches
  • Enquiries
  • Exchange of Contracts
  • Completion

They will also need to liaise with your mortgage company to get the money paid to them ahead of completion, and they will also want to know that your survey is complete and that there are no major issues.

Online Conveyancing Solicitor or Local Solicitor?

This is where we have a strong view!  For us, it isn’t about local conveyancing solicitor or online conveyancing solicitor – it is about what is CONVENIENT.  The idea that a local solicitor is convenient because you can pop in is a bit of a red herring if, when you pop in, your solicitor is not available.  At Qlaw, we have strived to provide the ultimate in access.  So (for example) you will have 24/7 access to your case file where you can see via our client portal (web access and APP) your whole case file real time!  Perhaps a question to ask other solicitors when you are shopping around?

A good solicitor will ease the conveyancing journey…

Want a Solicitor with a Conveyancing APP to guide you through it all?

If you want to be able to use an APP – ask the question when you shop around.  Our online conveyancing service is a full blown digital offering so forget the paper!  Its all about convenience for you whether you live or work local to our HQ in Surrey or not!  Even the onboarding process is digital where we use biometric ID similar to that used by the very latest internet banks!  No turning up at our office with your passport!  Just get your mobile out and boom – its done!

What about online reviews (eg TrustPilot)?

We reckon the view of our clients is much better than any view we have of ourselves.  For that reason we have taken the relatively unusual step for a law firm of subscribing to TrustPilot where former clients can air an entirely independent view of us.  Check out what our clients have said!  And equally, when choosing a solicitor as a first time buyer – ask if firms you get a quote from have a similar policy allowing customers to review them?  If they don’t, ask yourself why….?

Cheap, expensive, value for money?

An important question to ask as a first time buyer is where you want cheap, expensive or value for money – and remember that good value for money can be either!

Breakdown of conveyancing quote

Beware the small print.  As a first time buyer you want to have a full break down of all of your legal costs without hidden extras in the small print.  So do make sure you compare like for like.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors Quote

You can get a free, no obligation, instant online conveyancing quote on our website. Don’t hang around on the phone waiting for a solicitor to answer – get your first time buyer conveyancing quote instantly online with QLAW – THE online solicitor for everyone everywhere!

Go with your gut!

You’ve bought stuff before, go with your gut and choose the solicitor that feels right for you.

Want to know more about being a first time buyer?

Are you a first time buyer and want to chat to one of our expert conveyancing team?  Reach out – we’d love to hear from you.

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