How to complete a TA6 Property Information Form

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The TA6 is the Property Information Form covering things from boundaries, to planning, to guarantees.

The first part of any conveyancing is the preparation of the Contract Pack (sometimes called the conveyancing Contract Pack or solicitors Contract Pack).  An important part of that Contract Pack are the TA6 (Seller Property Information form) and the TA10 (Fixtures & Fittings Form).  Here we explain the Seller’s Property Information form (TA6), what it does, what (as the seller) you need to do to complete it.

Who Completes form TA6 Property Information Form?

The seller completes the Property Information Form.

What does form TA6 Property Information Form cover?

The TA6 includes details around the property itself including things such as:-

  • Boundaries – which boundaries belong to the property and are therefore needing to be maintained
  • Planning – including building regulations for works done
  • guarantees and warranties – for works done, eg structural work, damp repairs, and so on
  • Insurance – buildings cover and any claims made
  • Parking – do other vehicles have the right to park there?
  • Occupiers – are there tenants? Properties are contracted to be sold with ‘vacant possession’ ie nobody living there!
  • Services – water, drainage, sewerage, gas, electricity
  • Disputes with neighbours – a critical point as nobody wants to buy a problematic neighbour!
  • Informal arrangements – such as unusual rights of way
  • Environmental – things such as flood risk, Japanese knotweed, and you will now have to provide an EPC (Environmental Performance Certificate).

What if I get something wrong in the TA6 Property Information Form?

Buying a house is very much ‘buyer beware’.  HOWEVER, any deliberately misleading or incorrect information included by the seller within the TA6 can result in them being in breach of contract, and even being sued for being misleading.  NB – innocent mistakes will NOT see you going to prison!

The seller is legally bound to disclose disputes such as boundary issues.

What Supporting Documents do I need to include with the TA6 Property Information Form?

This is a critical point for the seller, and something that rests very much with you (NOT your solicitor).  The supporting documents that you will need to include with the Property Information form will include:-

  • Gas & Electrical work – documents/guarantees
  • Boiler – documents/guarantees
  • Windows – FENSA certificates
  • Building Works – planning and building regulations approvals
  • NHBC – certificates for new build properties (less than 10 years old)

Will my Solicitor provide me with the TA6 form to complete?

Yes, and at Qlaw we provide a digital version via our client portal and app – making life really easy.  No paper to print off, forms to send back to us, etc.

Questions about completing Form TA6 and Supporting Documents?

If you still have questions about how to complete your Property Information Form, do reach out to our expert team of conveyancing solicitors and customer support team – we’re here to help!

Download TA6 Property Information Form

> Download  TA6 Property Information Form.

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