What is a Contract Pack?

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The Contract Pack includes the (draft) sale Contract, together with the Seller’s Property Information Forms.

The solicitors contract pack (sometimes called the conveyancing contract pack) is the first stage of any conveyance.  It includes the draft contract, and various forms completed by the seller(s).  Here we take a look at what the contract pack contains, and where it fits in to the overall conveyancing process.

What is a Contract Pack?

The contract pack forms the backbone of any property purchase.  It includes the draft contract (which will late be the contract that is used during ‘exchange of contracts’ – a conveyancing phrase you are probably familiar with).

What is included in the Solicitors Contract Pack?

The contract pack will include:-

  • Draft Contract
  • Title Documents (see below)
  • TA6 (see below) – known as seller’s property information forms
  • TA10 (see below) – also known as seller’s property information forms
  • TA7 (see below) – applies where there is a leasehold and these are known as leaseholders information forms

Who prepares the Conveyancing Contract Pack?

The seller’s solicitor prepares the contract pack.  They do need the seller themselves to complete some of the paperwork.  But, don’t worry (!), if you are the seller, your solicitor will tell you everything they need you to complete, provide you with the necessary forms, and so on.  Basically, your solicitor (as seller) will prepare the draft contract and obtain the title documents (from the Land Registry).  They will ask you (seller) to complete the seller’s property information forms.  And once that is all done, they will send everything off to the buyer’s solicitor.

What happens before the Contract Pack is issued?

Stage one of the conveyancing process is that the ‘deal is done’ between buyer and seller (via the estate agent.  The estate agent then issues confirmation of the sale to the two parties, and each of their solicitors.  This is called a Memorandum of Sale.

What is included in a Memorandum of Sale?

The Memorandum of Sale includes details of buyer and seller, the property itself, and the two firms of solicitors acting for buyer and seller.

Where is the Memorandum of Sale sent?

The estate agent will send a copy of the Memorandum of Sale to:-

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Buyer’s solicitor
  • Seller’s solicitor

The seller’s solicitor will send the contract pack to the buyer’s solicitor.

What is a TA6 in a Contract Pack?

The TA6 is a Property Information form.  The seller completes this and gives it to their solicitor.  It covers things such as: planning; disputes with neighbours; and guarantees for work done.

What is a TA10 in a Contract Pack?

The TA10 is also known as the Fixtures and Fittings form.  This confirms what is staying and what is leaving the property when sold.  So for example it will carpets, curtains, white goods, and so on.

What is a TA7 in a Contract Pack?

This is known as the Leaseholder’s Information form.  It (obviously) only applies where the property being sold is a leashold (ie not freehold).  Generally, leasehold properties will be those with shared areas such as flats.  A Freehold is generally properties which are standalone without any shared areas – most houses.

When is the Contract Pack sent out?

After receiving the Memorandum of Sale the seller’s solicitor will obtain copies of the Land Registry details (title), send their client the sellers property information forms to complete, and prepare the draft contract.  Once that’s all done, they will send the completed ‘contract pack’ to the buyer’s solicitor.  As a rough guide, this is typically 1-3 weeks after the Memorandum of Sale is issued by the estate agent.

What happens to the Contract Pack?

Once the buyer’s solicitor has the Contract Pack, they will usually send a copy to their client (the buyer), and often will then apply for the buyer’s Searches.  The Contract Pack and the Searches will form the basis for the conveyancing enquiries that follow.

How much does the Conveyancing Contract Pack cost?

The Contract Pack generally forms part of your solicitors fee (and does not cost extra).

Questions about Contract Packs?

If you have any questions about Contract Packs that this or any other posts on our website do not cover, please reach out to our team of expert conveyancing solicitors who will be delighted to chat through with you any queries that you have.

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