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How much does conveyancing cost? When do I pay conveyancing fees? What do solicitors charge to make a Will? How much does a divorce cost? How much do solicitors charge for probate? What is the solicitor’s fee for a settlement agreement? How much does a power of attorney cost? These are all questions we can answer for you! Clarity on costs from the outset is at the heart of our service offering.

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How much does writing a will cost? Well, look no further! Whether you want to write a will online, or write a will using our specialist solicitors – we can help! Take a look at our latest will prices and instruct us today!

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What is the average cost of conveyancing fees? Well, forget average because with Quantick Daley you can have champagne for beer money! As every great online solicitor will give you, you can get an instant online conveyancing quote right now! Our conveyancing quote will give you an exact breakdown of our own solicitors fees, along with Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees, search fees, and everything else involved!

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If you’ve lost a loved one, choosing the right probate solicitor is essential. How much does probate cost will be one of those important questions we will answer for you immediately. There are also Probate Court fees to pay – and you will find links to the Probate Registry too.

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Power of Attorney

How to make a power of attorney is probably running alongside the question how much does it cost to make a power of attorney? Well, we’ve got you covered. Transparency on everything, including our fees is what Quantick Daley is all about. So, check our latest fees for making a power of attorney. And, see also our links to the Office of the Public Guardian where you can find details of the up to date court fees that are chargeable when you register your power of attorney.

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How much do solicitors charge for settlement agreements? Let us go one step further and not just tell you what the average cost if for an employment law solicitor – but tell you exactly what we charge for a settlement agreement. Find out here our fees for employment law advice including settlement agreements, contracts of employment, grievance procedures, dismissal, discrimination claims, and so on.

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Family Law & Divorce

How much does a divorce cost in the UK? How much do solicitors charge for a divorce. Who pays the solicitors fees in a divorce? How much do divorce solicitors cost? Don’t be bogged down with all of these questions. Find out here exactly what our solicitors fees are for family law, and even get in touch to learn more.

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