Settlement Agreement Solicitor Fees

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An employer pays for a settlement agreement

Settlement agreement fees should be FREE of CHARGE to you as an employee!

Your settlement agreement advice is likely to be FREE OF CHARGE if you are an employee getting advice on a settlement agreement received from your employer.  Although your employment solicitor will charge a fee for the advice, that solicitors fee is typically paid for by the employer on your behalf.

The settlement agreement solicitors at QLAW are here to help you with signing off your settlement agreement.  Our team of specialist employment law solicitors can usually sign off your settlement agreement within 1 working day of hearing from you (as an employee).

This assumes that your settlement agreement has been agreed with your employer, and there are no negotiations that we need to have with your employer to try to increase any payment being made to you in the terms of your settlement agreement.

As a rough guide, our fees are likely to be:-

£250-£750 £750+ Hourly rate

Our fees are subject to VAT

Who pays for Settlement Agreement?

Normally, your employer will pay your solicitors fees for having your settlement agreement signed off!  So, the good news is that the solicitors fees are FREE for you!!  We will of course agree this with you before you are committed to anything.

Do I need a Solicitor for a Settlement Agreement?

Yes, for a settlement agreement to be legally binding on you and your employer, it MUST BE signed off by a settlement agreement.  The purpose of this is to make sure that you understand exactly what you are ‘letting yourself in for’ and to then bind both you and your employer to a ‘clean break’.

What is a reasonable Settlement Agreement UK?

What is a good or bad settlement agreement will depend entirely on your particular circumstances.  Our settlement agreement solicitors will advise you on whether the deal is right for you.

Can a Solicitor negotiate a Settlement Agreement?

Yes, if we think you are being ‘diddled’ we will happily try to negotiate a better deal for you.  This is something we will cover at the very outset with you.

Settlement agreement fees

Our settlement agreement solicitors can negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

Why am I being given a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement agreements are given to employees for all sorts of reasons when your employment comes to an end.  It might follow on from any number of things including:-

  • Redundancy
  • Discrimination
  • Grievance
  • Disciplinary
  • TUPE transfers

How long with my Settlement Agreement take?

If your settlement agreement is agreed with your employer then we endeavour to get it all signed off for you within 1 working day!  The good news for you is the quicker we get it done, the sooner you get your settlement money.

Employment Solicitor Reviews

Check out what our client’s have said about our amazing team of employment solicitors.  You want the best settlement agreement solicitors looking after you!

How do I instruct QLAW to sign off my Settlement Agreement?

It’s easy to have QLAW employment solicitors sign of your settlement agreement.

  1. CLICK or CALL
  2. MEETING – with our specialist solicitor
  3. SIGN OFF – done! And your employer will pay our bill….!

It’s that easy!

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