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For generations, solicitors have provided their legal services local to their clients – in the town where clients either work or live.  So, if you lived in Worthing, or Wolverhampton, or Wales, the chances are that you would have employed a solicitor local to you in Worthing, Wolverhampton, or Wales! 

It was all about convenience.  Your solicitor being local to you so you could drop in those important conveyancing documents, or pop in and sign your will or lasting power of attorney, or perhaps meet with your divorce solicitor to talk about the re-shaping of our family. 

But, the internet has changed how we get convenience.  And, that is as true for all types of solicitors as it is in any other industry.  So, for example, if you are tempted to google something like ‘conveyancing solicitors local to me’ – is it time to think do you really want a local solicitor, or, do you want a solicitor that can offer you a much greater level of access, and therefore convenience.  It is no good having a local solicitor if they’re hidden away in their high street offices, and or won’t even answer the telephone when you call them. 

Yes, we started out life as a local solicitor ourselves.  From our HQ in Reigate Surrey, we’ve been providing first rate legal services (conveyancing, divorce, wills, probate, LPA, employment, litigation, etc) for many years.  But, we don’t have a local solicitor mentality. 

In 2008 we received a huge amount of interest across the legal profession when we digitised our office practices when we became paperless – not only one of the first local solicitors to do it, but one of the first solicitors UK to make the giant leap to a paperless existence.  Testament to our commitment to provide the very best in legal services, that we just the start of our transformation from a local solicitor, to being the ‘digital law firm for everyone, everywhere’! 

A whole new level of convenience!
We’re with you 24/7 via our client APP!

Whilst many of our clients still use in a relatively traditional way as solicitors in Reigate, our client base now spreads not only across the UK, but abroad too.  Geography is no barrier to where you need to be, to enjoy the ultimate in online solicitor services, even though we’re still predominantly based at our original offices here in Reigate Surrey. 

So, if you’re looking for a local solicitor to Andover, Birmingham, Chester, Durham, Eastbourne, Farnborough, Grimsby, Hull, Ipswich, Kingston, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Slough, Tamworth, Uxbridge, or West Bromwich – look no further because you have found the local solicitor for everyone!  We’re not on high street, much better than that, we’re in your pocket! 

From our paperless HQ in Reigate Surrey your legal work will be dealt with by our expert solicitors, and through either email, messaging, or our industry leading client APP, you will know in real time, 24/7 exactly where your conveyancing, or divorce, or litigation is at.  You can even chat with your solicitor via the instant message contained within the app, along with seeing your file real time right from your phone.  So forget local solicitor – QLAW have taken the idea of an online solicitor to a whole new level of convenience. 

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