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What happens to the kids?

We’re often asked what are ‘normal’ arrangements for children when a couple separate.  In short there isn’t a simple answer that applies to all.  Every family is different, [...]

Why have a survey done?

The house we live in is the most significant financial investment most of us will make.  Despite this, many choose to buy ‘blindly’ by not having a survey done [...]

Energy performance certificates explained

Energy performance certificates represent the remnants of the much publicised (and arguably disastrous) home information packs (HIPs).  Here, solicitor Liz Curran explains what they are, and what they [...]

Do solicitors understand marketing?

When I first qualified, I couldn’t quite work out why I was perplexed, but I nonetheless was, with the end of month table banging. “How much have you billed this month” must ring up and down the corridors of many firms?