Professional Certificate Providers (LPA)

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Certificate Provider LPA

If you’re doing a DIY LPA, but need a certificate provider, QLAW can help!

QLAW is an online solicitors practice providing a full range of services to both individuals and businesses alike – one such service being Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).  However, unlike most other solicitors, QLAW can help with just being your certificate provider if you decide you want to save money and do the LPA on a DIY basis.  Most solicitors will either do the whole thing for you, or won’t entertain.

We understand that you might want to do the leg work yourself with the online LPA application, but you might equally not want to trouble a colleague or friend to be your certificate provider. Equally, you might want to enjoy the confidentiality of using a professional certificate provider.

What is the purpose of a Certificate Provider?

The role of certificate provider is new to LPAs (a similar role did not exist under the old EPA system).  It was introduced to bring a layer of protection whereby an independent third party is required to ‘certify’ certain things (see below).  It is not a role to be taken lightly, and using a professional certificate provider makes good sense.

What does my Certificate Provider do?

They must be able to certify to the Office of the Public Guardian that you:

  • capacity – you are of ‘sound mind’
  • knowledge – you understand the full extent of the power you are about to bestow on your chosen attorney(s)
  • duress – you are making the LPA of your own free will and without being put under pressure to do so

Who can be my Certificate Provider?

You can choose a certificate provider from one of two groups:

  • professional – solicitor/GP
  • lay person – colleague/neighbour/friend

If you choose a lay certificate provider, they must have known you for more than 2 years, and not merely be an acquaintance.

How much does a Professional Certificate Provider cost?

Check out our latest prices for acting as your certificate provider when you are doing the leg work yourself with a DIY LPA.  QLAW – Certificate Provider prices

How long does it take to be my Certificate Provider?

Our express service is essentially ‘same day’.  You can instruct us now here.  Once we have your ID and instruction, we will book you in for a video meeting with one of our solicitors.  That usually takes no more than 10 minutes.  Assuming no issues crop up, the Certificate will be posted out to you that day!  IT COULDN’T BE EASIER!

What is not included when we act as Certificate Provider?

Obviously, if we are not taking on the responsibility of preparing the LPA itself, all we are doing is certifying that you are (a) of sound mind (b) you have full knowledge of how the LPA works, and (c) you are not under pressure to make the LPA.

All aspects of preparing the LPA and indeed registering will therefore be YOUR responsibility.  There is of course good reason to consider having a solicitor to deal with all aspects of the LPA – not just be your certificate provider.  Check out our article on 5 Top reasons to use a Solicitor to prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Can you do everything for us rather than just Certificate Provider?

Yes!  We also offer a full LPA service where by we will prepare all of the forms for you, arrange for everyone to sign (right place and right order!), and of course then submit the application to the OPG on your behalf.  The benefit of us doing everything is obvious – the forms are very lengthy and a little daunting.  And so, we will do all of the work and all of the worrying for you!  We would also in those circumstances be taking responsibility for the whole application – thereby removing the changes of it being rejected if you get something wrong with a DIY LPA.

Check out our latest LPA prices >

Professional Certificate Providers

We hope you have found this guide helpful.  It is just that (a guide) and should not be taken as legal advice specific to you.  If you would to instruct QLAW to be your certificate provider, we’d love to help.  See the links above, or, leave a comment, call us, or email.  A big thanks from Team QLAW!

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