What is an LPA activation key?

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LPA Activation key

An LPA Activation Key will allow your attorneys to register your LPA via the secure online Govt service.

The Govt online ‘Lasting Power of Attorney service’ includes an opportunity for your attorney’s and others to have secure online access (limited) to your LPA.  To allow that access, your attorney will need (1) an online attorney service account; and then (2) an activation key (sometimes called activation code).

Who is given the activation key?

The activation key can be provided to (for example) banks when it comes to activating the LPA.  This is as against having to send certified papers copies to everyone, or worse still attend in person with the original or certified copies of the LPA.

Does an activation key work for all LPA’s?

No.  Activation codes were provided automatically for LPA’s registered on or after 17 July 2020.  And, you can obtain a new or replacement code for LPA’s registered on or after 1 January 2016.  If your LPA was registered before 1 January 2016 your attorneys can not use this secure electronic service, and will have to register the LPA in paper form.

What is the benefit of using the LPA activation key?

This is much more convenient, as the alternative (old) practice is/was to send certified paper copies of the LPA to each and every company who needed to see it.

It also allows the attorneys to keep track of who has (and has not) had official sight of the LPA when the LPA is activated.

Where do I find my LPA activation key?

The Lasting Power of Attorney activation code is provided by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in the correspondence confirming that the LPA has been registered (with them).  For LPA’s registered after 17 July 2020, it will be provided as a matter of course.

What if I never got an activation key?

If you registered your LPA between 1 January 2016 and 16 July 2020 you will not have been issued with an activation code unless you asked for it.    However, you can request one (online from the OPG) which will then allow secure electronic access to the LPA when it comes activating it.

What if I lose the LPA activation key?

You can obtain a new or replacement activation code from the OPG online (for LPA’s registered on or 1 January 2016).

What does the activation key allow someone to see?

The activation key allows people or organizations access to a summary (not full copy) of the LPA negating the need for certified paper copies to be issued.

> You can use your activation code here (to view LPA information)

Although it will confirm if there are preferences in the LPA, it will not show what they are.

What does the Attorney Service provide?

The Attorney Service (to which the activation code gives some access) allows you attorney to track who has had access to the LPA information, to ask for an activation key (if you don’t have one), or to replace your activation key if you have lost yours.

> You can open a Lasting Power of Attorney account here

The online service removes the need to register paper copies of your LPA.

Who can use the activation key?

You would typically expect to use the activation key when the donor (the person who made the LPA) loses capacity and you (as attorney) need to then activate the LPA with banks etc allowing you access to everything on behalf of the donor.  Prior to the electronic access service, attorneys would have to provide certified paper copies to all concerned – which was/is cumbersome, and slow.  Most major banks are now geared up to accept activation key access over paper copies.  Many [banks] will have standard forms for an attorney to complete when activating the LPA – often with specific reference/space for the LPA activation code.

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