Probate – What happens to your Pinterest profile when you die?

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Pinterest deceased account?

Pinterest profiles/accounts are one of many online platforms to be dealt with alongside probate. 

Pinterest is one of many platforms now often referred to as our ‘digital estate‘.

Do you have to register a death with Pinterest?

No.  As with any similar platform, there is no obligation on personal representatives to register a death with Pinterest.

And, if the deceased has provided login credentials that their personal representatives can simply delete the account without having to register anything with Pinterest.  A ‘digital will’ is helpful with this (see below).

If you want to make contact with Pinterest, check out their HELP CENTRE

Do Pinterest Memorialise accounts?

No, this is not something that Pinterest offers (eg as per Facebook).

Can my Digital Will deal with my Pinterest profile?

A digital will is a relatively new concept.  They are not defined in law, and are not legally binding on anyone.  Think of your digital will as a hybrid of an inventory (of your online footprint), and a ‘letter of wishes’.

In essence, the idea of a digital will is to provide your personal representatives with both login credentials and your wishes as regards all of your social media accounts/online presence.  Unlike a ‘real’ will, it does not provide any legal authority that social media platforms would recognise in the event of your passing.  Indeed, the whole point of the concept is to provide your loved ones with the information that will allow them to remove your online footprint when you pass.

There is no specific format required for a digital will.  It is simply a case of providing your personal representatives with the information they need to access each of your online platforms, and deal with in accordance with your wishes.  Of course, the practical challenge with this is keeping up with changing passwords! One school of thought is to utilise a central password record (eg iOS) which then ensures everything is up to date, and giving personal representatives access to that central password record should allow them to deal with your online footprint.

Dealing with other social media accounts

Read more about what needs to/can happen to happen by clicking on each one below:

  • Facebook – they do provide facility for memorialising the profile, as well as nominating a legacy contact during your lifetime.
  • Twitter/X – there is no option to memorialise the profile, just close it.
  • Snapchat – there is no option to memorialise the profile, just close it.
  • TikTok – there is no option to memorialise the profile, just close it.
  • Instagram – they do provide facility for memorialising the profile.
  • YouTube – there is no opportunity to memorialise the profile.

Free Legal Guide

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