What is a Contract Pack?

The Contract Pack is the first stage of any conveyance in England & Wales. Once the sale is agreed (between the buyer and seller via the estate agent), solicitors are notified that the ‘deal is done’. Then, the legal part of the conveyance begins!

The seller’s solicitor will send the Contract Pack to the buyers solicitor. This is usually 1-3 weeks after the sale is agreed. The Contract Pack includes the draft sales Contract, plus various ‘Sellers Property Information Forms’. These are prescribed forms which are used in all residential conveyances in England & Wales. The Sellers Property Information forms include a TA6 (Property Information) and TA10 (Fixtures & Fittings). If the property is leasehold there will also be a TA7 (Leasehold Information). The seller (not their solicitor) will have completed those forms, and the content of the forms represents an integral part of the sale ‘contract’. Put another way, if the seller misleads (deliberately or recklessly) the buyer in those forms they may be in breach of contract. An example of this might be that they fail to disclose a problem neighbour, or a boundary dispute, etc

Contract Pack FAQs

The Contract Pack is issued by the seller’s solicitor and includes various documents allowing the buyer’s solicitor to undertake their ‘title investigation’.

The Contract Pack will typically include:-

  • Draft Contract
  • Seller’s Property Information Forms (TA6 & TA10)
  • Land Registry Title information

The Contract Pack is known by a number of names – but amounts to the same thing! It is normally just called a Contract Pack. It is sometimes also known as a conveyancing pack, or solicitors contract pack.

The seller’s solicitor issues the Contract Pack.

The Contract Pack is sent out 1-3 weeks after the sale is agreed via the estate agent.

The Seller’s Property Information Forms comprise:-

  • TA6 Property Information
  • TA10 Fixtures & Fittings
  • TA7 Leasehold Information (if applicable)

Yes, the sellers property information forms are part of the contract of sale.

Given that the seller’s property information forms are part of the contract, deliberately misleading the buyer constitutes a breach of contract.

This will detail things including:-

  • Boundaries
  • Planning
  • Building regulations
  • Disputes (eg with neighbours)
  • Parking
  • Guarantees for work (eg gas, electrical)
  • Insurances (buildings)

The seller (not their solicitor) completes the Property Information Form.

You should include any and all documents you think relevant to those things that the TA6 covers (eg warranties, service records, planning consents, etc). Your solicitor will return to you anything that is not needed. Its better to include too much than too little.

The Fixtures & Fittings Form will confirm what items are staying at the property (and therefore what will not be staying too).

The seller (not their solicitor) is responsible for completing the TA10 Fixtures & Fittings Forms.

A fixture is just that – fixed! It might include:-

  • Wardrobes (built in)
  • Kitchen units/worktops
  • Bathroom suites
  • Fires
  • Boilers

A fitting is less ‘permanent’ than a fixture, for example:-

  • Wardrobes (free standing)
  • Furniture
  • White goods
  • Artwork
  • Curtains & carpets
  • Garden items (furniture etc)

Yes – simply liaise with your estate agent who will in turn liaise with the seller. If they are happy to leave things or sell, the estate agent will deal with this. Anything agreed should be notified to the solicitors who will document this appropriately.

‘Extras’ (eg furniture and/or white goods) can legitimately be excluded from the sale price and dealt with between buyer and seller separately.

No – within reason! Tax evasion is against the law! However, it is perfectly proper to have fittings paid for outside of the purchase price and this will not attract Stamp Duty. NB – your solicitor will advise you on what is reasonable and permissible on a case by case basis. Common sense must prevail!

This relates only to leasehold properties and so if you are buying/selling a freehold house it will not be relevant. Leasehold properties tend to be where there are shared areas (eg flats). In this case, a form TA7 Leasehold Information Form will be part of the Contract Pack.

The cost usually forms part of the fee paid by the seller to their solicitor.

If you have any questions about Contract Packs that these FAQ’s or the other content on our website have not covered, do please reach out to our team of expert conveyancing solicitors or our customer support team who will be delighted to help.

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