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Whether you are an employee or an employer, Quanticks can help you with your employment law issues. Whether it’s contracts of employment, redundancy, disciplinary matters, unfair dismissal, discrimination, something relating to settlement agreements, or a problem heading for an employment tribunal, we can help!

As well as our specialist solicitors, our employment law offering also includes an HR support which can be provided on an ad hoc, or retainer basis. For many businesses, the prospect of employing a permanent HR manager is not economically viable. And so, the flexibility that our HR services can bring to a business proves very popular with clients.

For employers, prevention is usually the best cure with employment law. Are your contracts of employment up to date? Do your employees have any employment contract at all?! Do you have a grievance and disciplinary procedures in place? The law requires all employers to. When things go wrong in the work place, it can prove extremely costly – both financially and emotionally. That’s why having things on a proper legal footing is so important both for the employer, and employee.

If you would like to speak to one of our employment law solicitors, please call Nicola Gibbs or Louise Harris on 03300 020365 or email them at ng@Qlaw.co.uk or lh@Qlaw.co.uk.

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The total amount of single Employment Tribunal claims in 2017 totalled 23,708.

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