Settlement Agreement – Terms of Business

Welcome and thank you!

Thank you for choosing QLAW! We’re both delighted and very grateful to be able to welcome you to the QLAW family, alongside many thousands of clients.

You are instructing us to advise you on your Settlement Agreement with your employer. These are the terms of business for that work.


We are QLAW, a trading division of QLAW Legal Services Ltd of Skinner House, 38-40 Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7BA


You undertake to provide us with correct ID, a copy of your Settlement Agreement, and instructions.

What we are doing for you

We will be advising you on the terms and effect of entering into the Settlement Agreement and its impact on your ability to bring claims against your employer in the Employment Tribunal.

As part of the process, we will require you to attend a video meeting with us, following which we will liaise with your employer to make any minor or admin amendments necessary to get the settlement agreement finalised and ready to sign. By ‘minor or admin amendments’ we mean things like adding our details as your Adviser, asking your employer once to meet our standard Settlement Agreement fee, or correcting typos.

What we are NOT doing for you

This service is aimed at situations where you have agreed your settlement terms with your employer. That being so, we will NOT be:-

Advising on or helping helping you with any negotiations to seek a higher compensation payment or other substantive changes to the Settlement Agreement

advising you in relation to any tax issues

advising you in relation to any active or proposed claims.


We will agree with you the fee to be paid, and we will do so before you are committed to using QLAW. Those fees are typically met by your employer – meaning our service will be FREE to you!

Scope of this service

This service is intended for you where you are content to accept the payments offered in the Settlement Agreement ‘as is’. It is not intended for situations where there are any complicating factors.

‘Complicating factors’ include things like where you have complaints around the termination of your employment or want us to review documents other than the Settlement Agreement. If there are any complicating factors, we would confirm a fee for the scope of work involved.

If you feel there are any complicating factors, please do NOT sign up to this ‘express’ service but contact us directly at with a brief outline of the issues, and a copy of the Settlement Agreement, so we can arrange an exploratory call to talk through the situation, your aims, and how we can help.*


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service you receive from QLAW, our Regulator requires us to notify you at this stage that we have a formal complaints procedure, details of which can be found here: QLAW COMPLAINTS POLICY >

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