Certificate Provider – Terms of Business

Welcome and Thank you!

Thank you for choosing QLAW! We’re both delighted and very grateful to be able to welcome you to the QLAW family, alongside many thousands of clients.

You are instructing us to be your Certificate Provider (CP).  These the terms of business for that work.


We are QLAW, a trading division of QLAW Legal Services Ltd of Skinner House, 38-40 Bell Street, REIGATE, RH2 7BA


You undertake to provide us with correct ID, and instructions.

What we are doing for you

We are to act as your Certificate Provider.  We will do so to the best of our knowledge and belief.  We are of course dependant upon you to provide us with accurate instructions.

We will be certifying (via the prescribed section of the OPG forms) that you are:-

  • Of sound mind
  • Not under duress to make the LPA; and
  • You understand what the LPA does

As part of the process we will require you to attend a video meeting with us, following which we will (assuming we are able to) provide you with the necessary section of the LPA forms (s10) which we will email to you immediately following our meeting, the original of which will be posted to you.

What we are NOT doing for you

We are NOT advising on any aspect of the LPA.  You have chosen to deal with the preparation of the LPA yourself, and so all elements of that (including submitting it to the OPG) are your responsibility.

We offer full LPA preparation services if you require that.


Our fee to act as your CP is £95 (+VAT) per person per LPA.

We appreciate payment of this ahead of the requisite meeting, and in any event it will become payable no more than 14 days after.

Scope of this service

This service is intended for you where no issues arise (for example if you have recently been diagnosed with dementia).  We can potentially still act in those circumstances, but it is likely that additional time and work would be needed – for example liaising with your GP. Please do NOT sign up to this ‘express’ service if you feel you fall into this more complex category.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service you receive from Qlaw, our Regulator requires us to notify you at this stage that we have a formal complaints procedure, details of which can be found here.  QLAW COMPLAINTS POLICY >

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