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How much does a Will cost?

Single Will

  • Simple Will for one person

Mirror Wills

  • Simple Wills for couples (£175+VAT each)

Complex Wills

  • For example, where you have assets abroad, and/or complex wishes

Will Trusts

  • For example, gifts to be held on trust for minors, and ‘life interest trusts’

A will lets you decide who inherits your money, property and personal items when you die. If you die without a will then the government’s rules of intestacy decide who inherits your estate.

An Executor is the person/people responsible for administering your estate, paying tax and making distributions.

A Guardian is the person who will be responsible for bringing up your children if they are under 18 when you die.

Beneficiaries are the people who will inherit your money, property and personal items. It is a good idea to include further ‘backstop’ beneficiaries in case your original beneficiaries die before you.

No. You can leave your estate to whomever you would like, including friends and charities.

You may want to leave less formal thoughts and guidance for your loved ones. A ‘letter of wishes’ can give that helpful guidance. There’s no prescribed format. See our blog on a letter of wishes for more information including a draft letter.

If you die without a will the law sets out the rules dictating who gets what.

Here is a link to the Government’s website which will take you through who would inherit your estate under the rules of intestacy:- www.gov.uk/inherits-someone-dies-without-will

We offer a free will review where we will discuss your needs for a will or review your current will.

For a simple single will our fee is £250 + VAT. For a pair of simple mirror wills our fee is £350 + VAT.

If you need anything beyond a ‘simple will’ (for example a trust) please do give us a call and we will chat you through everything.

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