What is a Solicitor’s Mortgage Report?

What is a Solicitor's Mortgage Report? Your solicitor will 'report' to you highlighting the main terms of your mortgage. A solicitor’s mortgage report is a formal report provided by your solicitor about the mortgage product you have chosen to finance the purchase of your next home.  Here, we explain what that [...]

2023-08-10T11:05:47+01:0018 August|Conveyancing, Mortgages|

What types of Mortgages are there?

What types of Mortgages are there? There are various types of mortgage 'products' to suit your needs. A mortgage is perhaps THE singularly most influential aspect of how, when, and to what we move to! Our eligibility for mortgage funds dictates what we can afford.  So, what types of mortgages are [...]

2023-11-16T11:20:36+00:0018 August|Conveyancing, Mortgages|
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