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It’s not a pleasant thought. But, the unexpected can happen. If you become so ill that you can’t look after your financial affairs the law doesn’t allow someone to help out unless you’ve given them legal authority to do so. This ‘authority’ is called a power of attorney. We need to make that appointment when we’re fit and well. It’s too late once you’re ill.

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Why us?

We put you at the heart of everything we do.  Here are just a few reasons to choose us.

  • Experts

    Our lawyers are specialists in their field.  We know our stuff!

  • Transparency

    Our industry leading 24/7 case file APP gives you around the clock access to absolutely everything: all email; all letters; all documents – you see what we see.  Nothing hidden.  No surprises.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Don’t ask what we think of our service – ask our lovely clients!  We’re so confident in our service levels we’re members of TrustPilot.  Check out our 5 star reviews!

  • Clear costs

    Most wills can be completed on a fixed fee basis, and all costs will be agreed with you before you are committed to anything!

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