Certificate Provider

So, you’d like an LPA, but want to do it yourself – no problem. One thing you will need is a Certificate Provider. This can be either:-

– Lay person – who has known you for 2+ years, is of sound mind, and independent; OR
– Professional Certificate Provider – eg solicitor or GP

You may not want to trouble a friend, or even have them knowing you personal affairs. And so, this is where using a professional Certificate Provider might be the right option for you?

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How much for a Certificate Provider?

QLAW charges just £95 (+VAT) to be your Certificate Provider. This is to be the Certificate Provider only. It includes NO element of advice around the LPA itself – which you will be doing yourself on a DIY basis.

Certificate Provider – what’s the process?


Register you as a client and take ID


A short video meeting, usually 10-15 minutes.


Certificate sent to you same day.

A Certificate Provider confirms (‘certifies’) to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) that the ‘donor’ (the person making the LPA) is

  • of sound mind
  • not under pressure to make the LPA; and
  • fully understands the consequences of doing so

The donor can appoint:-

  • lay person – a friend or colleague who is over 18, they have known for 2 years or more, and is themselves of sound mind
  • professional – such as a solicitor, GP, or independent mental capacity advocate (IMCA)

Those who cannot be a Certificate Provider include:-

  • relative of donor
  • partner of donor
  • the attorney(s)
  • partner of the attorney(s)
  • business partner of donor or attorney
  • care home employee or owner

No the attorney(s) can NOT also be a Certificate Provider

The Certificate Provider is there to offer an independent assurance to the Office of the Public Guardian that there is no wrongdoing happening with the LPA appointment. It is a ‘safety net’ introduced to the LPA procedure – something which did not exist under the old Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) procedures.

Yes, a friend can be a Certificate Provider as long as they are over 18, of sound mind, they have known you for 2 years or more, and they are not one of the appointed attorneys.

No, a witness simply witnesses your signature.

Yes, you need a Certificate Provider for both types of LPA – ie Health & Welfare and Property & Affairs.

Your Certificate Provider will complete/sign section 10 of the LPA.

The benefits of having a professional Certificate Provider include:-

  • privacy – not having to share personal matters with a friend or colleague
  • cost – you might want to do the LPA yourself and just have a solicitor do the Certificate Provider
  • all in one – equally, if you have your solicitor deal with the whole LPA appointment, then acting as the Certificate Provider is something that is generally included in the price

How much does an LPA cost?

Finance LPA

  •   Draft all forms
  •   Certificate Provider
  •   Submit to court

Health & Care LPA

  •   Draft all forms
  •   Certificate Provider
  •   Submit to court

Certificate Provider

  •   DIY LPA
  •   Certificate Provider only

Deputy Application

  •   Application to the court of protection for the appointment of a Deputy

Attorney Services

  •   Professional Attorneys





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