Employment Contract Solicitors

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An employment contract forms the legal agreement between employee and employer.

Whether you’re looking for contract of employment solicitors in Oldham, or employment contracts solicitors in Manchester – QLAW are the employment contract solicitors for everyone, everywhere!

What is a Contract of Employment?

A contract of employment is a legally binding agreement between employer and worker/employee which fixes the terms and conditions of the employee’s job.

Employment Contract Lawyer near me?

Wherever you are based in England & Wales, QLAW is the employment law solicitors for everyone everywhere!

Why should I use an Online Employment Law Solicitor?

Getting access to your solicitor used to hold the belief that an employment lawyer local to your work or home would mean maximum convenience and ease.  But, things have moved on.  QLAW was (we believe) the first fully paperless law firm here in the UK (2008)!  Our digital way of working now allows our clients 24/7 access to their entire file via our client portal.  Total transparency, total accessibility.  Our app even has built in secure instant messaging!

What types of Contracts of Employment?

A contract of employment should be in writing, and might be in two or more documents:

  • Employment contract – with your own specific terms and conditions; and
  • Employee handbook – also called an office manual setting out things relevant to the wider business, some of which might form part of your contract of employment.

What is an Employee Handbook?

The employee handbook or office manual will cover things such as:

QLAW is the employment contract lawyer online for everyone, everywhere!

How to write an employee Handbook?

Well, we would say so, but let QLAW help!  And, keep your office manual under review, it forms the backbone of staff policies throughout your organisation big or small.

We regularly work with business owners and HR teams to come up with an employee handbook that is bespoke to them and their business.

Employee Handbook Template?

Yes of course, as it might be part of an employee’s contract of employment, there is a ‘tick list’ of things you would expect an employee handbook to cover.  And so, whilst we will often start with some form of office manual template, the value we can give your HR team or business owner is an employee handbook that ends up bespoke to your business and your employees.

Contract of Employment Template?

As with the employee handbook, whilst template contracts of employment are a safe starting point, the key to a great contract of employment is for our expert employment law solicitors to provide you with bespoke contracts that are right for your business, industry, and employees.

Why are Employment Contracts important?

They bind both employer and employee and so protect both in the event of a breach of employment contract or dispute at work.  This is why the law requires basic terms and conditions to be issued to all employees at the start of employment.

How are Contracts of Employment established?

The main contract of employment between employer and employee should be signed by both.  The contract will generally reference the employee handbook especially if the handbook contains contractual terms.

When should I be given an Employment Contract?

An employee (or worker) should be given an employment contract containing certain basic terms and conditions no later than their first day of employment.  Some terms can be provided later, but it’s good practice to have them all in one place.

Want help with Employment Contracts?

If you’re looking for an employment contract solicitor – look no further!  QLAW is here to help.  So whether you’re an HR adviser, business owner, or employee – reach out to our expert team of employment law solicitors online.  And if you want an ‘employment lawyer near me’, don’t forget we are only ever a click away – 24/7!  Please reach out to employment@qlaw.co.uk, or call 03300 020 863.

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