Why does my Conveyancing Solicitor need ID?

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Your solicitor is required by law to identify you (Money Laundering Regulations)

If you are reading this article as a client of QLAW – welcome, and we hope you find it helpful!  If you are reading this article as a client of another law firm – an equally warm welcome, and we of course also hope that you find it helpful too!  Inevitably, this post is aimed at our own client’s, so some stuff may be specific to QLAW!

At what stage will my Conveyancing Solicitor need to see my ID?

At QLAW, identifying you is part of our ‘STAGE 1 – ONBOARDING’.

So, we (and most solicitors) will not undertake any work until you have satisfied our identification procedures.  HOWEVER, as a QLAW client ID could not be more straightforward, and it could not be more convenient.

Why is ID verification so important to my Conveyancing Solicitor?

It is now a requirement in law that solicitors, banks, and so on identify their clients to meet the relevant Money Laundering Regulations.

As part of your conveyancing transaction, we will be handling ‘client money’ and so it is important that we have identified, and, in accordance with the regulations, discounted the possibility of money laundering.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is where money (gleaned from illegal activity) is ‘washed’ through ongoing legitimate transactions.  Conveyancing is therefore a prime target for money launderers given that it gives scope for large amounts of money to be ‘washed’ in one go.

Will I have to take my Passport to my Solicitors Office?

If you are plumping for an old fashioned practice – then yes you will.  Or, they may ask you to attend another solicitors practice closer to you where you can get passport and driving licence certified and thereafter sent to them.

Think about it – an hour, maybe two hours of your time once you’ve got to their offices, parked, waited for them to see you, etc etc etc.

NOT AT QLAW!  We’re the online solicitor for everyone everywhere for very good reason!  And it all starts at the beginning of your conveyancing journey.  You will already have had the opportunity to get an instant online quote 24 hours of any day, in any day of the year (on our website)!  That instant online conveyancing quote will have given you a full breakdown (to the penny!) of the costs involved in your conveyancing.

So, you’ve made the great choice to go with Qlaw, and verifying your ID is the next step on your digital conveyancing journey!

We use biometric ID at QLAW for your utmost convenience!

Biometric ID service at QLAW

Our biometric ID technology is the same as that used by the new breed of internet banks.  It involves you, your mobile, and whole bunch of unbelievably clever software!  No coming to the office.  No taking time off work.  No getting copies of your passport certified.  All done there and then on your mobile and it only takes a few minutes.

A measure of our Commitment to you!

So, we haven’t even started your conveyancing and we’ve already shown you how committed we are to your convenience!  We’ve given you an online quote instantly (when you want and where you want).  We’ve onboarded you all digitally and without you stepping near to our offices.  And, there is a whole layer of staff waiting in the conveyancing team (on top of our expert conveyancing solicitors and paralegals) – ie  our customer services team (the ‘happiness squad’ as we know them)!

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