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Online conveyancing quote – simply enter your details for a full, in depth, instant conveyancing quote. Whether you are looking for a ‘solicitor near me’ or a ‘solicitor online’ – why not have the best of both?! With Qlaw, you have a market leading conveyancing APP giving you 24/7 access to your entire conveyancing file, built in instant messaging, biometric ID and onboarding (non paper to fill out or passports to take to a local solicitor). And here’s the thing, you might think that a local solicitor provides you with accessibility if they are on your physical doorstep, BUT, that is no good if the solicitors there are never available when you call or pop in! Our aim at Qlaw is to make sure you never have to ask you where your conveyancing transaction is as we will already have told you! Sounds simple right? But, you’ll be surprised just how many solicitors find that concept something foreign to how they work. And worse still, you telephone to chase an update and all you get is ‘the solicitor will call you back’ (and then they never do).

Don’t worry – we are real solicitors, registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. And actually, we do have a ‘local office’ in the beautiful Surrey town of Reigate. But, since we led the way across the profession in 2008 becoming one of the countries first ever paperless law firms, we have been blazing a trail in providing legal services in a way that fits in with customers and the modern digital world that we all live in. So, don’t waste another moment, fill in your details to get a full, comprehensive, online conveyancing quote from THE online conveyancing solicitors for everyone everywhere!

What are conveyancing fees?

Conveyancing fees are the payments made via your conveyancing solicitor when buying and/or selling property.  They will include the professional fees for your solicitor, plus ‘disbursements’ (eg search fees; Land Registry fees; and Stamp Duty Land Tax).  Check out our guide on what should a conveyancing quote include?

What is the average cost of conveyancing fees UK?

Conveyancing fees will include a number of ‘disbursements’ which will be the same whatever conveyancing solicitor you use.  The fee payable to the conveyancer is the bit that will vary.  Typical fees for conveyancing (the solicitor’s bit of it) across the UK tend to be anything between £750-£1,500 plus VAT.   Rather than guessing at our conveyancing fees, why not check out our ‘conveyancing fee calculator’.

What are standard solicitor fees for buying a house?

Like anything (service or product) you can often find different companies charging different prices for what appear to be similar products or services.  So, a ‘standard conveyancing fee’ is a difficult thing to define.  And, it is probably true that you get what you pay for with conveyancing.  The disbursements for your sale or purchase will be the same whatever solicitor you use.  So the only bit that will differ is the bit payable to the solicitor for their professional services.  Check out our guide on ‘how to choose a solicitor for buying a house’.

How are conveyancing quote fees calculated UK?

Conveyancing fees will include paying your conveyancer for their services, plus payments to various third parties known as ‘disbursements’.  Your disbursements will be the same whichever conveyancing solicitor you use, and they will include: Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT); Land Registry (HMLR); and Searches.

How much do solicitors charge for selling a house UK?

The concept of ‘buyer beware’ applies to buying property in the UK.  As a result, your conveyancing quote fees tend to be slightly higher for buying a house rather than selling a house (as there is more work to do for the purchaser’s solicitors, and greater responsibility too!).  Typically, you might expect anyone conveyancing solicitor’s standard fees to be £100-£300 less to act in a sale rather than the purchase.

When do you pay conveyancing fees?

As the purchaser, you will have ‘disbursements’ to pay and your conveyancing solicitor will ask for payment ‘on account’ of some of those disbursements at the beginning of the conveyancing process.  Those will typically include (for the buyer) Searches.  If your purchase is subject to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) this is paid on or shortly after completion.  The conveyancing solicitors own professional fees are also usually paid on completion.

How to compare conveyancing fees

Like any purchase, when you are choosing a conveyancer, make sure you check like with like when getting a conveyancing quote.  You will have disbursements to pay whichever conveyancer you use and they should be the same come what may.  They might include Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees and Search fees.  BEWARE – the variable bit is the conveyancing solicitors own professional fees.  CHECK that they have not quoted what seems to be a cheap conveyancing fee,  but then hidden extras and made them look like disbursements.  So check the ‘bottom line’ is the key.  Check out our guide on ‘what should a conveyancing quote include’.

How much does it cost to buy a house?

Conveyancing fees for buying a house tend to be higher than when selling a house.  The reason is because ‘buyer beware’ applies to conveyancing, and the buyer’s solicitor therefore carries all of the risk, and will need to do more work than when selling.  Your ‘disbursements’ (payments made to third parties) are also likely to be higher when buying as you will have things like search fees to pay for, surveys, and perhaps Stamp Duty Land Tax too. Your conveyancing quote will set out all of the conveyancing and disbursement fees.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

Conveyancing fees for selling your home tend to be less than when buying.  This is because there is less for the selling solicitor to do, and with ‘buyer beware’ applying to conveyancing, the risk lays with the buyer’s conveyancer.  When selling, you will also have very few ‘disbursements’ – eg no search fees (that’s for the buyer), no survey fees, and no Stamp Duty Land Tax.

How do I choose the best conveyancing solicitor?

Moving home can be a really stressful time – right up there with bereavement and divorce!  So, choosing the right conveyancing solicitor for you is essential.  Things to look for might include customer reviews, is the conveyancer able to act for your lender, and are they part of the Law Society CQS scheme. Also, do you want someone local, or the benefit of a truly digital law firm where you can do everything online at your convenience (not just Mon-Fr- 9-5).  Check out our guide on how to choose the best conveyancing solicitor for you.

Cheap Conveyancing (or value for money)?

On the face of it, it would be entirely reasonable to imagine that every conveyancer can do the job, and so why not just go for the cheapest?  BEWARE!  And beware for two reasons.  Firstly, some conveyancers advertise a cheap conveyancing headline figure in their conveyancing quote but then the small print reveals something quite different, with hidden add ins!  So, compare like with like.  And secondly, ask yourself why or how that conveyancing firm can manage to be so cheap.  One likely reason is that they ‘stack em high and sell em cheap’ – meaning the service levels might well be disappointing.  If that’s the case – check out the reviews online to see what former customers thought of the conveyancing service that they received when they moved house.  For more, read about what should be included in a conveyancing fees.

 Conveyancing quote and fee calculator

Whether you are buying a house, selling a house, or buying and selling, you will no doubt want a conveyancing quote that gives you a full breakdown of the legal costs you will have.  Fees are different for buying – not least because the ‘disbursements’ will be very different when buying (as opposed to selling). Remember, the disbursements will be largely the same whatever conveyancer you choose as they are payments made to third parties such as the Land Registry.

What are conveyancing disbursements?

Conveyancing disbursements are the payments your solicitor will make to third parties as part of your conveyancing process.  They are separate to the fee you will pay your conveyancer for their professional services.  Disbursements due are different depending on whether you are buying or selling.  The buyer has much more significant disbursements including: search fees; Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT); and Land Registry fees to be registered as the new owner(s).  Aside from the disbursements, the buyer will have other costs too like survey fees, and perhaps mortgage lender set up costs too.  Read more in our guide to what are conveyancing disbursements?

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